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PLEASE REMEMBER:  The whole purpose of fundraising is so that we can have affordable fees for our members.

2018-2019 Fundraising


Our fundraising budget consists of the costs that are not included in our registration fees.  These costs include, but not limited to: special events, social events, extra administration fees etc..  Your registration fees cover the costs of coaching, Skate Canada fees, administration fees and part of the ice rental.

In order to fulfill your obligations, the Club has one (1) fundraising event for this season.  Fundraising commitments are evaluated from season to season and are subject to increase or decrease depending on the Club’s needs.  We have reviewed and taken into consideration the results and strategies of the 2017-2018 season, along with members’ inputs to formulate the 2018-2019 season’s Fundraising Strategy.

You will be required to sell one (1) booklet of twenty-five (25) raffle tickets at $5/each.

Families of skaters may choose to either:

q  Buyout the $100.00 fee at the time of registration and be exempt from fundraising, or

q  Sell a minimum of one (1) booklet of twenty-five (25) raffle tickets at $5/each. 

Please note:  If you chose to Fundraise, we will require a post-dated cheque in the amount of the buyout option.  If your full fundraising commitment (all twenty-five (25) tickets sold and money returned) is not completed by December 31st, 2018, your cheque will be processed.  


Your payment is ONLY processed if your minimum fundraising requirement are not completed by the above-mentioned date.  Once you completed selling your tickets, you have to report it to the Fundraising Committee Chair @ and the $100.00 charge will be waived.